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BoraTR delivers the highest quality food


We began in 1996 as an Italian food importer. Now we import and deliver food from all over the world.

We are a leading food importer and retailer, doing business with France, Spain, Turkey, and many others.

Our company strives to improve culinary standard. We pick only the highest quality products from over 80 companies. 

We import and deliver over 1,000 products including pasta, whole tomato, olive oil, dairy product, and meat.


We have recently expanded out business, striving to provide Home Meal Replacement (HMR) according to the change in customers need.

BoraTR values customer satisfaction over superficial growth



We analyze individual products to bring the most to our customers.

According to our customers' need, we develop and provide new recipes and products.

We do our best to improve the value in individual brands, striving to bring western cuisine in a way that seamlessly fit Korean dining culture.


We hire talented individuals, focus on their self-development, and evaluate them according to achievement.

We provide a self-driven working environment to bring about the best in all our employees.

According to their individual need, our employees can choose to work from home at the office freely.


BoraTR strives to grow with our employees

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